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CaoDai believes in Karma and Reincarnation.


Karma is the law of Justice. We reap what we sow. If we plant good seeds in our garden, we’ll have a good harvest. Thus, kind, compassionate thoughts will enlighten our mind, heart, behavior and lead us to a joyful, happy relationship. Our spirit will be lifted.

As we shed our physical visible body, the lightness of our mind and emotions help our spirit to evolve to lighter dimensions. In this case, we either remain in the Spiritual Realm, or will reincarnate to a higher spiritual life, according to the level of our cultivation/purification.

Spirits that stay in the Spiritual Realm may continue to serve the physical world by sending positive energy to help people in their progress. Or they may choose to reincarnate in the world to serve as

what is called Boddhisatvas in Buddhism (Bồ Tát in Vietnamese), leading a life of sacrifice in the relief of sufferings of humans.


On the contrary, if we lead a wicked life, our next life will be that of misery, of sufferings.

In the steps of involvement, the Little Sacred Light granted by God, grows in strength and purity from materials, to plants, to animals, to humans, local spirits, saints, immortals, buddhas. A regression to a hardship human life is the usual if we led a dark life. Regression to animals, plants is possible but unusual. Progression upward comes with sincere service, cultivation and meditation.


To specific questions from M.A.:


“ For instance, if I reach a High Light Realm during my life, what will happen in the next life? Do I have to start over to understand how to reach the Light? Or my Inner Spirit conserve a sort of “memory” of pasted lives?”  No, we don’t have to start all over. We’ll catch on very fast in the understanding of spiritual matters, and our love and compassion come naturally.


“Also, if a person reach the Hell during his lifetime, does he still have the possibility to “escape” from Hell during his next reincarnation?”

Yes, he can redeem even in his current lifetime or in the next life.

Awakened persons, Boddhisatvas are to help these persons.

Humanity is to all progress toward goodness, some persons faster than others. If we don’t learn well, we’ll learn at next life.


“Similarly, if a person reaches the Heaven (I imagine such a person will not reincarnate again), there could be the risk to lose their permanence in Heaven for some reasons?”

This question is answered in the text above.

Enlightened persons who enter Heaven may

-         continue their purification

-         send energy to lift life on earth

-         choose to reincarnate as Boddhisatvas to actively relieve human sufferings.

-         It is said that Gautama Buddha vows not to enter the Nothingness until humanity is saved.


Hong Dang Bui, M.D.




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