Prayer To The Supreme Being

Wednesday, July 18, 20187:44 PM(View: 41903)
Prayer To The Supreme Being

Divine Emperor of the Great Net;
Glorious Supreme Being;
Creator of all beings;
Ruler of the Infinite;
Of Transcendent Golden Abode,
In the Magnificent White Pearl Palace;
At once manifest and unmanifest;
Giver of unspoken revelation;
Power of all Spirit;
Rider of the six dragons in infinite journey;
Having dispersed the cosmic ether to the four winds
in unlimited expanse, eternally;
The Throne of God is dominant
Above all things, of every disposition,
And all are rendered justice supreme
By the Great Scale Unfathomable;
Reigning over 36 heavens and 3,000 worlds above,
and 72 earths and 4 great dimensions below;
The Great Benefactor has reigned
before time and beyond time,
Worshipped in every time by all.
Now gathering all Creation into one family,
Is the Universe's Supreme Monarch,
The Master Above all Enlightened Beings.
As the Ultimate Tao is revealed in hushed wonder,
The Universe shall stand
transfixed and transformed to its reaches,
By igniting the spark which illumines all Mind,
The Almighty aids his creations forward.
Oh, how majestic, beneficent, supreme and holy is God;
A Creative Power so immense and sublime,
The Supreme Ruler, Celestial Jade Master;
So just in blessing, so fair in mete.
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