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In CaoDai spiritual practice, spiritual messages are often received in the form of verses.   The ones used as prayers are almost always in verses.  The ones used as educational information are under the form of either verse or prose.  Below are some examples of the type of messages received.  There are many, many more which have not yet been translated into English; still more are being received regularly.  CaoDai is a thriving, growing, and ever expanding theology, and we are blessed with the continuing wisdom bestowed to us in the form of these spiritual verses and prose.

Prayers for the Incense Offering

As the scented cinder smolders into flame,
So too the faith from which the Tao came.
As the winding wisp ascends into the sky,
the wafting scent of heaven stirs my mind.
To the Superior Spirits, I respectfully pray;
May this gesture sway Their Eminence to stay
if but a moment, should they deign to pass this way.
And at this time, as a disciple, I entreat
The Sky above and Earth beneath my feet.
May my heart immersed in hope be recognized
as that pure space of spirit highly prized.
May blessings rain on us a shower of love
as they make their calm descent from Up Above.

Prayers Before Sleep

All material desires consume me by day,
Leading my mind and my actions astray.
Holy One, I am prostrating here to pray
That your lovingness will cause my mind to stay
Focused and clear on Your Divinity,
Taking no actions toward infidelity.
During my sleep, when my soul is at rest,
Superior Spirits, please guide me to what is best.
Toward my home in your Sacred Nirvana I yearn
So teach me the lesson which I need to learn.

Prayers Before Eating

Foremost to the multitude of living beings,
To eat is the most necessary of things.
Cereals, the Creator has brought to this need,
And give to His children upon which to feed.
Our deep thanks go to Sen Nong King
Who taught in the ways of plants' upbringing.
Gratefully I vow to borrow this body of man
In use for the quest of the Eternal land.

The Voyager's Prayer
For this is but the road of life;
Along its way may we be saved
By faith in teachings we embrace
Though we are as foam tossed on the wave.
I find my trustfulness oft shaken
So I retreat from early tide
But such happenstance is purification
along the soul's journey toward Cao Dai.
I realize from that place of refuge in my soul
and repent for harm I have caused to others;
May the Almighty know of my good faith
and my dedication to serve my brothers.
As I brave the thorns and brambles,
May I set out safe and return sane.
May the Almighty grant me protection as I pass
along Heaven's path and life's road the same.

Teachings: Entering Divine Realms
Though arduous it may be to enter Divine realms,
Hesitate not to surpass your human kin,
Keep a peaceful heart to turn negative to positive
and keep a plain mindset as your place to begin.
Keep practicing your miracles,
and slowly, day by day,
Your tireless devotion will keep you from the fray.
The wicked flaunt their wickedness
but the pure remain pure,
Practicing triple cultivation
to assure their spirit's cure,
And as they rise to the Divine
to claim their lofty station,
they are remembered by the Heavenly Host
and given rein to Heaven's nation.

I bless all of The Supreme Being's disciples. I take my leave now.

Teachings: Cultivating Heart
And then you will see the outcome
Of the actions you have taken,
Yet complain not, for life is fraught
With opportunity forsaken.

In the cultivation of your heart,
Make wisdom's sharp blade steady
For cutting through the karma you
Have honed to make you ready.

Your suffering is fully seen
In the Eye of My compassion
Now hasten ye to rise and flee
Toward reunion in My Heaven!

And whoever has despised you,
My gentle female devotee,
Has disregarded me and so will see
These deed's results one day.

Given by H.H. Ho Phap Pham Cong Tac

Teachings:   Perseverance and sincerity in self-cultivation
I, your Master, grant you, the most sincere disciples, the Chi.
To be pure, your true self should emanate bright energy.
To help others, heed closely to Tao's examination
Have no confusion, as you will find complete illumination.

As the moon shines brightly in the clear night
In cultivating self, child, keep your heart and mind  aright.
Be completely patient with your hardships year by year,
The blessing of your growth shall wipe clean your fears.

Child, you were taught to have compassion,
And blessed for your sincerity of cultivation,
The "Huyen Quan Khieu" (Crown chakra) will open through clarity of your heart,
Which has been replete with My blessings from the start.

Tending your virtues and having mind toward cultivation,
Willing to pray to Superior Spirits in your contemplation,
They bless and grant you vision to their emanations bright,
Your name will be sanctified as a gentle being's birthright.

Being conscientious of the test of the Flower Convention Day,
You'll be elated to discover where your predestiny has lain,
But for now focus only on the growth of mind and virtue,
Thereby your home in the Divine abode will be well reserved for you.

Given by Cao Dai, the 16th day of the first month of the year Giap Tuat (1994)

Teachings:  The Master calls disciples to self-cultivation

It is an opportunity so golden,
Nivana a destiny so highly prized
Divine incarnates, disciples all
Rush to encounter with Cao Dai!

Our Master speaks:  "I love you all
My kind children for volunteering.
On this world you have the honor of
initiating the Tao, and spirits' healing.

"That you should have this timely mission
We have planned many eons ago
of your gathering my legion together.
Such duty you must not forego.

"To serve the Tao and lift humanity
to the Lofty Heights I hold,
As the mission was accepted,
As the mission was foretold.

"As you gather those around you
who hold dear the same ideal
you shall build a bright, clear karma
as the Great Way is revealed.

"As the Holy Gate swings open,
the wise shall give you mention
as one who, forsaking worldly things,
brings forth Heaven's convention.

"And by your sacrifices you shall win
a place in the Divine
whose hosts of Genies and Immortals
make way their day to thine.

"For those who reach the Tao's true way
hold sway o'er Heaven and Earth
Divine emanations bless them
who realize the Tao's true worth.

"So take care in your speech and deeds,
worthy to bear the Heavenly Host,
Imitate not the unenlightened,
so ignorant yet prone to boast.

"I tell you this, my young child so
you will recall your Master,
forsaking all of worldly gain
to reach the Tao much faster.

" Let not worldly pleasure seduce your mind,
leaving your Divine post empty, fallow
For it causes Me, your Father, pain
to see His children grown so shallow.

"Do you yet hear my words 'til now?
Do you remember, children?
Before my return I leave this verse,
that you'll heed my words until then:

"The Tao's path once was widely open
from Heaven unto Earth
When Yin and Yang's embrace of Oneness
first fused to give you birth.

"The Tao's path still now leads the way
to escape the Karmic wheel
and to salvage your own soul
before is made fast Destruction's seal.

"You are too well versed
in the ways of man, so do not wait.
You always have your Master near you,
So never hesitate.

"I have arranged your brethren's presence
to be with you on all sides,
Now the timeliest task you must fulfill
is to build a virtuous mind.

"I beseech you, contemplate
this temporal life of error.
Note its bitterness, repugnancy
and more its tendency to terror!

"In the theatre of this life
with its scripted page too cruel,
suffer not deceitful play of actors
on your consciousness so pure!

"Why do you not yet tire
of the torments of illusion?
And where to store your toil-won goods
upon this life's conclusion?

"How will you then value
the spoils of life downfallen
bought with the currency of shirking
Your Master's heartfelt calling?

"For once having forgot the sound
of Your Master's beaconing voice,
how can you hope to recognize
the hereafter's realm of choice?

"Give deep thought to all that I have said,
Let your conscience give your reply,
Meanwhile My blessings all flow out to you
as you are held in My own eye."
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