Prayer In Honor of Taosim or Audio

Wednesday, July 18, 20187:41 PM(View: 30291)
Prayer In Honor of Taosim or Audio

From the Primordial Breath
Arose Thai Thuong Dao Quan, (Predecessor to Lao Tse).
Of inestimable virtue was he,
And so his deeds.
Preceding the Thai Cuc (Monad)
was the Dao of Nil;
Within the Dao of the visible,
a transcendent element.
The Dao rides upon the original breath
In transforming into three WAYS of cultivation.
His virtues brighten the dimension of Nil,
And the Dao reigns over the saints.
On the 15th of the second lunar month,
He brought one incarnation to Earth;
One soul with a million miraculous transformations,
And from the East spread the purple clouds of saintliness
Which propagated the Tao.
Traveling West serving humanity,
Using supernatural power he created two figures,
Tat Vien and Dong Phuong Soc
Who taught meditation and metaphysics.
The Tao is eternal and primordial,
Predecessing mortal beings,
Earth and sky; it exists through time
As the Universe spins
And the sun and moon shine.
The Dao encompasses everything
In this immense universe;
May all give benediction,
As we all have gained from the Dao.
Oh, Magnanamous One of great virtue,
Honorable as you are,
Oh, pre-existent one,
Sublimely holding the Dao.
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