Prayer In Honor of Confucianism or Audio

Wednesday, July 18, 20187:40 PM(View: 30244)
Prayer In Honor of Confucianism or Audio

In the cinnamon-scented tower
Above the Palace of Van Thi (Confucius)
Ninety-five incarnations
Sowing charmed poetic seeds.
Hundred thousand transformations
Manifested lightning quick,
And miraculous as a mountain of pheasants,
Always persevering
Expressing a mountain of goodwill
The goal to cultivate virtue,
Bringing honor to parents and Country.
Intuiting in dreams the way of service
To one another.
Having compassion for the miserable,
Building humaneness and piety,
Becoming saintly through compassion,
Cultivating mind and honor.
Piety, virtue, faithfulness, compassion;
Even treasure to a king.
These are the attributes of Confucianism.
Confucius engendered prosperity
of the human spirit,
As a lord who lifts his people.
Through purification he gained his insights,
As well as sincerity and equanimity,
And was sainted therefore
with deep wisdom and unbounded humanity.

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