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Hum D. Bui, M.D. came to the United States in 1975 and began sharing the Religious Unity and Oneness of CaoDai teachings with the Western world. He has participated in interfaith activities in Rome, Italy; Mt Hiei, Japan; Cape Town, South Africa; Barcelona, Spain; Canada, Seoul, Korea; Toronto Canada; and in the United States. He had been writing CaoDai books and translating CaoDai teachings into English and maintained the CaoDai web page: He had participated in the Inland Empire interfaith activities, in building Compassionate Pomona and led a program “Journey to Bliss” including life topics discussion and meditation at the CaoDai Center in Anaheim. He also helped running the New Hope Free Clinic in Redlands caring underserved people.
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In the book “CaoDai, a Realizable Path to Light”, the authors share their enlightened journey from the discovery of the inner sublime spiritual origin, common to all of us, in the Spiritual spark that we all receive from the Divine Spirit, to the experience of oneness with the Divine. This evolvement occurs with a concurrent practice of the triple-fold path of service, self-cultivation, and meditation, and inasmuch as possible, a healthy vegetarian diet.The book offers a comprehensive view of CaoDai, a faith of inclusion, its founding, and theology. Eastern and Western philosophies, as well as views on free will and determinism, principles of oneness, love, and the Golden Rule, and tools for self- cultivation are all explored. Notice how visible physical and mystical spiritual elements intertwine to form the special hallmarks of this faith.
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“Many thanks for your fine and much-needed book. In this time of division and fear, may it give us hope and strong desire for unity.” Joseph Prabhu Professor of Philosophy (Emeritus), California State University, Los Angeles Trustee Emeritus, Parliament of the World’s Religions “This work may well be considered as a manual for anybody who intends to embark on the journey for union with the Beloved - the One we belong to, the One who longs for us, and the One from whom we are separated. It has all the tools and provisions needed. Let the journey begin! Salaam, Shalom, Shaanti, Hoà Bình, Heiwa, Peace!” Sufi John Ishvaradas Abdallah
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Cuốn sách nhỏ này cống hiến cho quí độc giả vài nét độc đáo của đạo Cao Đài trong mục đích đem mọi tôn giáo về chung với nhau cùng dưới một mái nhà tâm linh trong tinh thần hoà hiệp để kiến tạo một nền hoà bình vĩnh cửu trên thế gian. Đồng thời giới thiệu một lối sống đạo đức, giản dị để tất cả mọi người thuộc mọi thành phần tôn giáo đạt được sự an bình, giác ngộ và giải thoát. Bùi Đắc Hùm Bùi Đặng Cẩm-Hồng
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